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Retail PDQ machine with credit card

Retail User Cases

Our retail solutions accommodate a diverse range of businesses, with their own unique challenges.

We service a broad range of customers that include the fashion industry, food resellers, do it yourself and home improvement, catalogue resellers etc.  Our retail customers comprise of a mix of ‘back office workers’ and ‘shop floor’ employees. The solution needs to accommodate the wholesale operations and the retail operations.


Retail users need to access a wide variety of systems from tills to back office applications.

Shop floor employees, within the retail operations are often transient and, in many cases have shared logins (tills etc).

Support on the shop floor and in warehouses for secure wireless connectivity is crucial.

To accommodate their internal security mandates employees are often required to change their password every 3 months.  This causes call volumes to escalate as lock outs occur when other users try to access the systems.

In a number of instances employees reset and change their passwords using control alt delete.  There is a requirement from security and service teams to apply current password policies to those changes.


We deliver retail specific solutions that include code cards to enable the sharing of passwords amongst shop floor workers.  As well as interceptor technology to capture all changes made outside of our self service solution. Users resetting passwords via control, alt, delete have applied the same co-operate password policies to those changes.

The solutions allow employees in the wholesaling operations to not only reset their AD passwords but reset passwords across a full range of ERP applications. Running on SAP, Oracle etc.  Those password changes can then be automatically synchronised or selectively synchronised providing a single easy to use point of access.