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Multinationals User Cases

We supply a range of multinational corporations with a large employee footprint, ranging from 15,000 to 150,000 users. A key differentiator of our multinational customers is the extensive and wide ranging functionality and flexibility they require.

Secure and resilient infrastructure is a given. However, for the range of languages that they need to support, the ability to support these with a wide range of multi factor authentication and also match it to the security profiles of users is mandatory.

Inevitably the ability to reset and change passwords remotely to enhance productivity is a key requirement. As is the ability to synchronise changes across the full range of corporate applications. We deliver and support our solutions globally, whether they are traditional on premise applications of via our Fastpass cloud.


Multi-nationals need to meet the legislative requirements of the countries in which they operate, for example, the UK requires applications to be AT compliant for the visually impaired.


Our solution is AT compliant and has been interfaced with JAWS, Dragon and Zoomtext for 40,000 employees in one global corporation. Where Passwords may not be their primary method of authentication, but used as a fall-back option in the case of employees losing or forgetting their Smart Cards.

Managed Service Providers (MSP's) User Cases user case

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Increasing price pressures and the need for innovation will force MSP's to either invest in automation or pull out of the Managed Service Desk market place. Password related calls account for up to 35% of their call volume.


Our holistic approach allows those MSP's to shift left and deliver password resets via self-service with a proven track record of 95% adoption rate without having to commit investments to install and maintain the solution.

Medical User Cases user case

Hospital Technology and Security


The Medical industry has an extensive users range from administrative support staff to Healthcare Support workers, Clinicians and Senior Consultants and GPs. For many of these professionals the IT systems used are simply tools to complete their day to day role Therefore any solution, must be both reliable and easy to use.


A Self-Service Password tool that could reduce this level of demand and offer. Access Support outside of core Hours of Service It will also have the ability to work across multiple AD domains and will provide access to the solution from a hosted website and/or mobile. Furthermore it will have Apps with no need for physical domain access for end users and will have access to security information to be used internally for Secure ID of callers.

Education User Cases user case

Education, Technology and Security


Large institutions with staff and student numbers exceeding 14,000 people, who need to be able to manage any password resets, whilst on multiple campuses or remotely, using multiple applications.


Solution FastPass can be used to integrate with various IT Service Management tools, to help support systems that may already be in place. Crucially it allows users to self-serve and reset their own passwords without the need to visit or contact an IT facility or helpdesk.