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Hospital Technology and Security

Medical User Cases

KSS provide 24 x 7 level of secure and compliant support for the health industry.

Delivering the required 24 x 7 level of secure and compliant support within the health industry to a broad range of workers who need easy to use and fast access to a wide range of systems is becoming increasingly challenging.

The nature of the medical industry demands instant access to support. In addition, there is an increasing requirement to securely access IT services from outside the protected networks.  We deliver solutions and services that enable healthcare workers to securely self-serve their password resets, changes and unlocks. This is possible from both within the hospital network or remotely.  Most importantly, this removes the load from the desk, reduces queue times and call abandon rates.  The solutions can be delivered as a traditional on-premise solution or as a secure service over the HSCN network.



The medical industry encompasses a range of different staff, from administrative support to Healthcare Support workers, Clinicians and Senior Consultants and GPs. For many, the IT systems used the tools needed for these professionals to complete their day to day role. Therefore any solution, must be both reliable and easy to use.  The increased use of IT systems within the NHS has meant demand for IT support has considerably increased. This is leading to longer telephone support wait/queue times and call abandon rates.  At peak times about 25% of telephone requests can be for password resets or access related queries. Importantly, these calls are from staff numbering in the region of 22,000 from over 500 UK sites.


Any solution must encompass a Self-Service Password tool that could firstly reduce this level of demand. Secondly, offer Access Support outside of core Hours of Service with the ability to work across multiple AD domains. Thirdly, access to the solution from a hosted website and/or mobile Apps with no need for physical domain access for end users. Fourthly, access to security information to be used internally for Secure ID of callers.

Our solution delivers all these key elements. In most cases it has met our Customers’ Service and Cost Improvement challenges by reducing call abandon rates by over 55% and average wait times by over 60% even when faced with budgetary challenges.  Post installation support is of a high standard and the FastPass engineers are knowledgeable and reliable.


We have met our Customers’ Service and Cost Improvement challenges by reducing our call abandon rates by over 55% and our average wait times by over 60%, despite our overall budget being reduced.

Pete Townley

Lead Service Delivery, The Staffordshire and Shropshire Health Informatics Service