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Government User Cases

We support over 30 government institutions in the UK and a broad range of government institutions in Europe and the USA.

We support over 30 government institutions in the UK. Furthermore, we also support a broad range of government institutions in Europe and the USA.

Across all institutions there has been a need to reduce the volume of calls to the service desk. Subsequently freeing up scarce resources to focus on other areas.  Increasingly,  government workers require remote or after hours access to their applications.

Recently, legislation such as GDPR has had to be introduced because attackers exploited the fact that humans were the weakest link in the network. This has led to an urgent need to strengthen password policies and prevent social engineering at the service desk.


Government employees are not only more mobile but increasingly more flexible in their working lives. The combination of the explosion of smart devices, and new password policies means that users are increasingly getting locked out as changes made on one device are often not immediately synchronised on their phone or tablet. Therefore, there is a growing need to be able to securely reset or unlock passwords remotely. We have been able to support this flexible working practice by using their own devices in the work place.

The increased volume and complexity for users needing to access a variety of systems has resulted in increased workloads for the Service desk. End Point encryption tools, such as Bitlocker, are increasingly being used to protect data. Therefore, driving call volumes up as users struggle with increasing complexity.

Employee password practices are the greatest material threat to an organisation. The ability to strengthen password policies beyond AD and manage the employees implementation of these polices is key to preventing data breaches.

Service desks struggle to cope with call volumes especially after holiday periods. This increases the concerns over authenticating that the user is who they claim to be when handling password reset calls.


Self service removes the load from the service desk and smooths resourcing after holiday periods.  Our solutions work across multiple AD domains, allowing users flexibility in their working location.  Passwords can be synchronized across multiple environments when they are securely reset, changed or unlocked on any remote device. Helpdesk tools enable the service desk to securely authenticate users and remove the threat of data breaches through social engineering.


As municipality we do things smarter with fewer resources and the cloud service saved us the work of setting up servers and infrastructure and maintaining an internal software package. During the past 12 months the solution removed more than 80% of the total password calls from the service desk. To our surprise more than 40% of password self service was outside normal business hours.

Per Kristensen

Frederikshavn Municipality