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Finance & Legal user cases

Finance and Legal User Cases

We work with Finance and Legal services with strict MFA requirements.

We supply a broad range of organisations that deliver legal services,  private healthcare insurance, credit optimisation, debt collection and financial services globally.  Compliance and conformance to standards such as Fido are key requirements within this market place.  Many of our clients enforce strict MFA. They require integration with a broad range of solutions including next generation tools such as Duo.  Our solutions are delivered as a service over our cloud to a majority of our customers.  Confidence in the security of the service is fundamental requirement.


The need to protect client data has forced these organisations to implement strong password policies and multi factor authentication.

The dynamics of the working environment has meant that users are frequently required to reset, change or unlock their passwords remotely, synchronise across a range of environments other than Microsoft AD and work with a wide variety of MFA tools.


Our solutions enable those organisations to enforce stronger password policies through Microsoft Active Directory whilst providing user friendly feedback.  Users are able to securely reset their passwords remotely and utilise the multi factor authentication tools of their choice.