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Emergency Services Ambulance, Technology and Security

Emergency Services User Cases

KSS helps global emergency services with high level security requirements.

The solutions that we supply are deployed in the police, fire and ambulance services across the globe.  Technology transformation, pressure on budgets and mobility impose specific challenges. The very nature of the work means that access is required 24 x 7 in all places.


The individual organisations are characterized by high level security.  Typically, because of the policies the Emergency Servicies apply and the range of applications, users need access to, they have a high level of password resets and often need to synchronise across a broad range of environments.  The mission critical nature of the work means that the solutions have to be easy to use, accessible and robust.


Each release of our applications is independently penetration tested. Our consultants have been cleared to work on the most secure sites, by both managed service providers and the home office in the UK.

Where access to site is not permitted, we are well versed in training the organization to deploy and provide 3rd and 4th level support on the solutions.

Our solutions allow users to reset their passwords across multiple environments and synchronise or selectively synchronise those changes.  In one organisation there are 10,000 users resetting passwords and synchronising across 10 environments from IBM mainframes to google tablets.

These solutions are highly intuitive and easy to use and extremely robust.