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Self Service Password Reset

Self-Service password reset will remove the load from the service desk driving down costs and improving both service desk and user productivity. Self service password reset replicates the office environment allowing users to reset, change and unlock their passwords remotely.

Passwords are based on the principle of trust.  This being that nobody else knows the password.  The password reset process in most organisations, lies within the domain of the IT helpdesk.  The introduction of a 3rd party into the process at the service desk, creates the potential for privileged credential abuse.   This also makes compliance impossible to prove in the event of a data breach.

The weak link in any process is the one to be exploited.   Social engineers frequently call the service desk to obtain passwords.

Self Service password reset, prevents the potential for privileged credential abuse by removing the introduction of a 3rd party reducing the risk of data breaches at the service desk

User Adoption

The key to return on investment in any self -service tool is user adoption.  A depressing fact is 86% of companies achieve less than 46% adoption and in implementing replacement technology fail to learn by their mistakes.

A key factor in driving user adoption is the ability to deploy the technology that meets all the user requirements. However, technology and its features alone don’t achieve user adoption.  A common misconception is that deploying a chosen solution will ensure high utilization.  As well as providing secure and compliant processes at the service desk.

Best Practice

User adoption of over 50% in self service password reset is driven by best practice implementation. Our Best Practice A.C.T process methodology is honed after years of experience.  It takes a holistic approach to password reset processes, password policies technology and multi-factor authentication.  Thus ensuring customers maximise adoption and meet emerging challenges.

Our key differentiator is that we achieve adoption rates of over 90%. Which is why, our services and “best of breed” solutions that we supply are used by Managed Service Providers, worldwide.


Managed Service Providers (MSP's) User Cases user case

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Increasing price pressures and the need for innovation will force MSP's to either invest in automation or pull out of the Managed Service Desk market place. Password related calls account for up to 35% of their call volume.


Our holistic approach allows those MSP's to shift left and deliver password resets via self-service with a proven track record of 95% adoption rate without having to commit investments to install and maintain the solution.

Government User Cases user case

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Employee password practices are the greatest material threat to an organisation. The ability to strengthen password policies beyond Active Directory and manage the employee's implementation of these polices is key to preventing data breaches.


Therefore there is a growing need to be able to securely reset or unlock passwords remotely. We have been able to support this flexible working practice by using the Synchronization functionality to enable their own devices in the work place.

Education User Cases user case

Education, Technology and Security


Large institutions with staff and student numbers exceeding 14,000 people, who need to be able to manage any password resets, whilst on multiple campuses or remotely, using multiple applications.


Solution FastPass can be used to integrate with various IT Service Management tools, to help support systems that may already be in place. Crucially it allows users to self-serve and reset their own passwords without the need to visit or contact an IT facility or helpdesk.

Medical User Cases user case

Hospital Technology and Security


The Medical industry has an extensive users range from administrative support staff to Healthcare Support workers, Clinicians and Senior Consultants and GPs. For many of these professionals the IT systems used are simply tools to complete their day to day role Therefore any solution, must be both reliable and easy to use.


A Self-Service Password tool that could reduce this level of demand and offer. Access Support outside of core Hours of Service It will also have the ability to work across multiple AD domains and will provide access to the solution from a hosted website and/or mobile. Furthermore it will have Apps with no need for physical domain access for end users and will have access to security information to be used internally for Secure ID of callers.