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Cloud Delivery Service

With extensive experience of delivering secure cloud architectures KSS built and managed the Fastpass cloud, a global infrastructure delivering secure password reset from centres within AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The Fastpass cloud is available in one of three flavours.

A public Cloud

A multi-talented shared infrastructure fully managed by a team of product specialists. In addition, this is a fault tolerant architecture, with fail over, data back up and reporting.

A hybrid Cloud

This option is firstly, personal to a particular organisation or channel partner, where the support and services can be shared between KSS and their partner/organisation. Secondly, the configuration can be bespoke, allowing clients to choose the level of resilience they require.

A Private Cloud

That’s built and delivered for a particular company where the support and ongoing maintenance is the responsibility of that organisation.

KSS provide secure software gateways between the cloud offerings and the various services within the customer network. The key benefits of our cloud offering are:

  1. Adoption – Guaranteed ROI, because of typical user adoption in excess of 90% customers.
  2. Speed of deployment – Delivering the solution as a service removes all the project implications. Consequently, within 3 months, 90% user adoption can usually be achieved.
  3. Security – Arguably our cloud infrastructure and its connectivity with a customer site is more secure than the majority of on-premise installations. We undertake regular penetration testing on both the applications and service delivery platforms.
  4. Cost – Its accepted that the bulk of life-cycle costs are below the surface. Our cloud delivery fee includes hardware, maintenance, patching and management costs and ensures that the most competitive offering is met.