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Bespoke Cloud Projects

KSS also offer organisations the opportunity to utilise their skill sets to assist with any bespoke Cloud migration.

Bespoke Option

Our experience in setting up our password applications in a secure environment with all the penetration testing and security accreditation make us an attractive option for companies looking to upgrade their environments. Making them less susceptible to hackers and data breaches. Additionally, future proofing their infrastructure to ensure their IT solutions remain fit for purpose in today’s environment.

  • Migration

KSS provide bespoke cloud solutions for organisations requiring assistance in migrating infrastructure to the Cloud.

Many Organisations do not have the time or resource to undertake or manage Cloud migration. Therefore, we provide the simplest, most secure, and cost-effective method of moving their IT software and Hardware into a Cloud environment.

The changing dynamics of the workplace meant that we needed to migrate our IT infrastructure to the Cloud.  KSS were able to provide all the integrations and security we required. The project went without a hitch and required minimum involvement from our own internal teams.

Sue Pascoe

RMS Services

  • Platforms

We offer 3rd Party vendors the ability to provide a platform to run their applications. These vendors do not want to invest in the skill sets required to enable their solutions to run securely on the cloud. However, they acknowledge that this is the way the market is moving. By providing the platform, the vendors can control the application, without the need for expensive specialist IT technicians to manage the hardware. Therefore, they remain competitive in their market place as their overheads are reduced. This is especially useful for multi tenanted solutions where one instance can be deployed to several customers.

Using KSS allows us to fire up instances of a vanilla flavoured Service Desk to either support Testing or Live Customer domains. As a result, the implementation time is greatly reduced as we are able to control much more of the projects and exceed the expectations on delivery.


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