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About KSS

We are global specialists in delivering unified solutions and services around password processes, password security, and multi factor authentication.

Our culture 

KSS are proud to protect data, and improve the productivity of organisations around the globe, because of our rich heritage in security and service management.

Above all, earning and maintaining the trust of those organisations can only be achieved by technical integrity and total commitment to customer service.

No single product solution can meet the various challenges facing organisations today. Therefore, KSS deliver a set of integrated “Best of Breed” products and services. These are designed to not only meet today’s challenges, but future proof investments by providing a migration path to future architectures.

KSS consultants work collaboratively with customers to achieve objectives using their extensive experience in the industry.

The product is the tip of the iceberg. Our ability to match the SLA’s of managed service providers across the globe, work within their business as usual teams and provide a secure delivery service that meets the most stringent compliance tests have made us the partner of choice in the field of password management.

We deliver and support our solutions globally. We offer either on premise or a service from secure environments built within the AWS or Azure environments. This allows us to flexibly meet all customers requirements.


Our Heritage

KSS began as a specialist software developer, building products for organisations such ICL, IBM, SUN, Apple, McDonnell Douglas, SCO Unix. These products included Unix architectures that connected mainframes to transport stacks and from messaging systems to communication gateways and emulators. Above all, they were installed and supported in mission critical environments globally such as RAF Strike Command, The Indian Stock Exchange and New Zealand Customs.

Further more, we developed our own product sets including firewall technologies.

We built the wide awake tool set. A highly sophisticated event management and real-time correlation solution. This enabled network management and security organisations to utilize industry leading tools as an alternative to mainstream framework management offerings.

The product won the best new European product of the Year award. Moreover, mainstream providers such as Cable and Wireless, Capita, Hewlett Packard, Trend, Redstone Telecoms and Synstar used it to support their customer base.

Our service management divisions utilized the tools to provide 24 x 7 management of Barclays backbone network, British Airports Authority.

We owned the Athens product in partnership with Bath University until JISC purchased it in 2002. This authorized every student in higher education in the UK to their various data sets and furthermore, was deployed across Danish libraries and Australian Universities.

The groups focus today is providing innovative solutions and services around authentication, credential management and password reset processes.