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On Premise

As an alternative to the FastPass Cloud service, FastPass can be implemented as an on-premise solution.

FastPass Password Manager is a set of .NET based web services applications using ASP pages served from Microsoft Internet Information Servers (IIS) and implemented in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Split into three major components:

  • the Client Component
  • the Server Component
  • the Infrastructure Component

These three components communicate internally using encrypted web-services and can be installed on the same or on different physical servers.

The deployment of a web browser based FastPass Password Manager maintains transparency for network and internet users alike and allows the organization to continue in the drive to improve services linked to Active Directory. Options exists with FastPass Connectors for pushing password resets from Active Directory to other vendor systems, platforms and applications with a web services based interceptor and dispatcher toolset developed by FastPassCorp, and using the Microsoft .NET framework technology. Password changes can be propagated using either FastPass Connectors or other Identity Management systems in place.

With a dependency on nothing more than your Active Directory, FastPass Password Manager installs in a matter of hours.