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Self Service Password Reset

Supporting a wide range of applications and services from the world’s leading vendors, FastPass enterprise password management solutions have already been quickly adopted by users across organisations of all sizes and in all business sectors, reducing IT Help Desk costs by up to 30%, enhancing security, increasing first time fix rates and increasing end user satisfaction – all within a secure environment.

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3 Reasons to Implement FastPass Password Manager
1. Promotes user productivity
2. Reduces IT Service Desk workload and costs
3. Enhances and enforces security

Proven Return on Investment
• 20–50% of all calls to Help Desk are related to password problems
• The average total internal cost of each password reset call to the Help Desk is $100
• Organisations that have deployed FastPass have reduced or eliminated these calls, allowing them to reassign support staff to other, business critical support issues. (Source: Forester Research.)

Proven Success
FastPass has already been adopted by thousands of users around the world. From medium sized companies to large Enterprise organisations and Service Providers, FastPass helps users in all industries help themselves.