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FastPass Enterprise

FastPass Enterprise: improved services, reduced cost and strengthened IT-security

The requirements in enterprises are high when it comes to security and flexibility. Developed for organisations with multiple environments (as well as those requiring password management services for single, non-Microsoft environments), multiple Active Directories or more than 10,000 users, FastPass Enterprise Password Manager gives your organisations the complete solution for security and productivity, helping you move more than 90% of your Help Desk password calls to self-service.

Derivatives are available for SAP, iSeries (AS/400), Oracle and SQL.


Password Security






FastPass Enterprise delivers a range of authentication methods:

  • Challenge questions
  • Pin-codes via SMS
  • Help Desk operator acknowledgement
  • Other passwords

Authentications can be combined to give true multiple factor authentication.

With password self-service, only your users know their new password.


Automatic and forced enrolment process

100% enrolment is necessary to have successful password self-service. FastPass Enterprise automatically invites all selected users to enrol to FastPass, and continues to send reminders to users until they enrol. The FastPass Forced Enrolment client forces users who have not enrolled after a specified number days to do so.


Remote password reset

Typically, remote users find it difficult to get help from the service desk if they have forgotten their password.  FastPass Enterprise allows users to reset their AD and PC-cached password even from remote sites outside the domain.

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