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FastPass has been independently audited against Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI DSS standards, and has been extensively penetration tested. It is installed in a number of the major police forces throughout Europe and organisations that are highly sensitive to security - such as the Department of Health, Sellafield Nuclear Group, DWP, and BBC etc. In all cases the solution has met the stringent demands of their security analysts.

  • No user passwords are held by FastPass. The only user information held is the challenge-response questions and answers, and these are hashed and encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.

  • All communication between the user and FastPass, and between all FastPass components, is over HTTPS, so no data is transmitted in clear form.

  • The FastPass web service can be configured to accept only requests that come from a Windows Client (i.e. not from a browser), a PC registered on the correct domain, and that have an appropriately signed certificate. This reduces almost to zero the possibility of unauthorised access to the application.

  • Users receive notification of any actions they have made using FastPass, so in the extremely unlikely event that someone has compromised their account, they receive warning and can take action to close the account.

  • FastPass supports dual-factor, strong authentication for power users or remote users, further enhancing security.


The product is committed to CESG accreditation at IL4 level and FastPass in Denmark place the highest priority on security.

Amazon Web services carry the financial traffic of some of the world's largest organisations, including Amazon Retail, and provide an extremely secure service.

All information within the data centre is completely secure and no customer administrator has any access to any other client data. Certification is available to guarantee that any data resident on the cloud system will be protected and not available to any other party or user







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