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As an alternative to the traditional on premise system, KSS will provide FastPass Password resets as a secure service via the Cloud. It is a highly scalable service, providing resilience at each level and accommodates organisations of whatever size.

The multilingual capability of the product means that it can be offered worldwide, and KSS is able to underpin that delivery capability through cloud- based delivery operations in Europe, North America and the Far East, including Australasia.


The major benefits of opting for this solution are:
  Immediate availability
  No hardware or software costs
  Frees the internal IT resource for other activities
  The software is always current removing the need for upgrades
  No back end training or installation services required
  Remote users have 24/7 access to the service from anywhere in the world
  Removes the need for capital expenditure
  Easy to expand or contract without the need to keep upgrading or buying licences
  Removes the need for product experience with the application