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Features - Self Service Password Reset
Enforced Enrolment
Automatic and enforceable processes for the entire enrolment process.
The FastPass product has been developed as a multi-tenanted solution and is designed for large MSPs with many individual customer domains to manage.
Selective Password Reset
For some organisations, the requirement for differing level of password complexity is a necessity when dealing with a wide range of critical business systems.
Remote Administration
Empowering users to reset their own expired or forgotten passwords without relying on Help Desk resources.
Help Desk Client
Helping Help Desk staff manage and respond to those password-related issues that cannot be resolved through the FastPass Self Service capabilities.
Enhanced Security
Implement more secure policies across the enterprise by enforcing compliance and corporate password management policies.
Business Intelligence Reporting
The Business Intelligence Reporting Tool allows the user to run complex queries against the target database.
Configurable Challenge Response
Secure and certain authentication that the user is who he claims to be.