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Solutions - Self Service Password Reset
Thin Client
Implementing FastPass Thin Client environments.
Visually Impaired
Password management and reset initiatives, irrespective of user or device.
Multi Language Support
Automatic selection from 11 languages based on the language setting in the employee's browser.
Single Password Through Password Synchronisation
Making it easier for users to manage access to multiple systems.
The standard FastPass solution supports self-service password resets within the Microsoft Windows environment - AD/ADAM (ADLDS).
Help Desk Solutions
Helping Help Desk staff manage and respond to password-related issues that cannot be resolved through the FastPass Self Service capabilities.
Remote Users
Allowing remote users to reset passwords without Help Desk involvement or returning to the office.
Mobile Web Browser
FastPass provides a ‘mobile optimised’ experience for users accessing the service via mobile devices.
Multi Domain, Multi Forest and Multi Organisation
Supporting large Active Directory environments (with one or wholesale led lights more forests) in both single and multiple organisations.
Multi-Factor Authentication
Combining Challenge Questions, Pin-codes via SMS, Help Desk operator acknowledgement, and other passwords for enhanced security.
Across their client base, Special Managed Service Providers (MSP) strive to help organisations improve operational efficiency, enhance services and reduce costs. 
Apple iPad
Users with either an iPhone or iPad (ios 6 or greater required) now have direct access to FastPass via an optimized FastPass app.